Welcome to the world of WTW Pet Products

Handcrafted Cat Trees & Pet Furniture 
Furniture that is made with real wood.

No particle board and no waferboard.

We use heavy duty plywood, lumber, and lodgepole found locally. 

Furniture is made locally in Redmond, Oregon.

The WTW Pet Products Story

It’s been a long journey for WTW Pet Products to make it where we are today, and we’re not stopping.  We created the company because of Willis.  Willis came to us as an adandoned two and half week old kitten.  As he grew he needed a place to call his own.  A cat tree was needed to keep him occupied and let him take his rightful as king.  We had bought a few styles and Willis destroyed them in record time.  The particle board and glues used in the construction of pet furniture was no match for Willis.  Not being happy with the quality of what we found in the stores we decided to make our own. Blam, several hours in the garage with tools, wood, carpet and sweat, it was done. Willis instantly approved of his new furniture and immediately put it to use.  We wanted to make a product that would last as well as be aesthetically pleasing.  We use the natural logs so that it is a piece of furniture in your home, not an eye sore you put in the back corner.

Twins top of cat tree

Fast forward to friends visiting the house, loving the ‘Tree of Willis’, and wanting one of their own.  This is when Lance knew creating and making cat furniture was what he wanted to do. Finally Willow Tree Woodworks was born,  which we have nown changed to WTW Pet Products, and Lance made headway for the markets of Bend to sell his Cat Trees. The demand was big, the business kept growing, and as a result our product list grew too. WTW introduced Pet Scratching Posts and Pet Steps, and even offer Custom Pet Furniture.  WTW has made a lot of kitties and parents happy.  

Willis also gained a new fur brother, Axel the cat whispering Australian Shepherd.  We expanded into the dog market  with our pet steps, which also work for older or disabled cats.

Our sons have also joined the WTW team. We moved into a larger shop space in Redmond, OR.  The whole family is in on the action in some way. As a result of our growing business a change in name was needed and WTW Pet Products was established. 

We’re expanding our reach and make pet furniture for Bend Pet Express,  Mud Bay and a lot of local pet stores throughout Washington and Oregon.  We currently have a limited delivery area for Oregon or Washington. Customers can find us at these stores below:

Bend Pet Express, Mud Bay, and locally owned pet stores in Oregon and Washington.