WTW Pet Products developed the Pet Steps  because it was an item our customers were looking for.  We were not impressed with the hard plastic styles in stores and a lot of pets aren’t either.   Pets like our carpeted steps that come in 4 sizes.  We have heights that will work to help your little dog get on the couch or bed.  Older pets benefit from a little extra help when they do not or can not jump the distance.  We also make a double wide pet step for the larger dogs, so they have a wider more secure base.

The Pet Step was created for those little ones who want to be where you are, but just can’t quite leap like a super hero to be there.  You furry guys know who you are.  They are also very popular for older cats and dogs who need a little less stress on their joints.

Item# PS1317s

Single Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 15″

Step ~9″ x 13″

Height ~9″

Item# PS1317d

Double Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 17″

Step~9″ x 13″ & 11″ x 13″

Height ~14″

Item# PS1324T

Triple Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 24″

Steps ~10″ x 13″ & 9″ x 13″

Height ~20.5″

Double Step Extra Wide

Base ~18″ x 18″

Steps ~9″ x 18″ & 11″ x 18″

Height ~15″

Item# PS1818DW