WTW Pet Products developed the Pet Steps because it was an item our customers were looking for.  We were not impressed with the hard plastic styles in stores and a lot of pets aren’t either.   Pets like our carpeted steps come in 4 sizes.  We have heights that will work to help your little dog get on the couch or bed.  Older pets benefit from a little extra help when they do not or can not jump the distance.  We also make a double-wide pet step for the larger dogs, so they have a wider more secure base.

Carpet Variance Disclosure: Our products are built with quality materials to make you a superior product, but we can’t always guarantee an exact carpet colors match and it may vary from pictures. To help our customers get the best experience we use gray or brown as our primary tones. If you have a preference for the carpet being low profile or plush, please feel free to ask when you order. 

Delivery/Shipping DIsclosure: Due to the high shipping costs of our quality product, we are not able to ship directly. We try to hand-deliver them to your front door! We can typically manufacture and deliver your product in two weeks after the order is placed! Locally, here in Central Oregon, we deliver for free! We regularly deliver for a minimum of $25 or more to Eugene, Salem, Portland, Oregon, and also deliver to Vancouver, Washington. Keep in mind, other delivery locations may be available, so please inquire for a final number to have it delivered to your front door!

The Pet Step was created for those little ones who want to be where you are, but just can’t quite leap like a super hero to be there.  You furry guys know who you are.  They are also very popular for older cats and dogs who need a little less stress on their joints.

Item# PS1317s

Single Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 15″

Step ~9″ x 13″

Height ~9″


Item# PS1317d

Double Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 17″

Step~9″ x 13″ & 11″ x 13″

Height ~14″


Item# PS1324T

Triple Pet Step

Base ~13″ x 24″

Steps ~10″ x 13″ & 9″ x 13″

Height ~20.5″





Item# PS1818DW

Double Step Extra Wide

Base ~18″ x 18″

Steps ~9″ x 18″ & 11″ x 18″

Height ~15″



Pet Ramp


Pet Ramp

Length ~ 48″

Height~ 23″