Custom Pet furniture was an idea that has come to realization. Whether you are a cat or a dog needing that special something we are now obliging the extended family member in need.

As of now we’ve accommodated for the larger kitties by making larger beds and larger trees overall.  Our bases are a little bigger to counter balance the leaps and jumps of your felines with out tipping over. Although we do recommend that you anchor any tree to the wall for added security.  We have made custom cat trees with edges all around for a blind cat.  Custom ramps have been added for older cats to make their ascent and decent easier, so they do not have to jump to the platforms.  Where will this end? Don’t know, but the possibilities are intriguing.  Here are just some of the creations Lance has come up with to make the family happy.


Larger More Intricate Trees:

two custom cat trees








4 tier custom tree

3 tier custom tree

4 tier custom tree with hole












The custom Pet Steps: How high and/or how far will your furry friend go to get to you?

2 styles of custom pet steps

Don’t need something quite that extravagant? Visit our Cat Tree page or our Pet Steps page for our standard sizes.